Professional Development in Early Mathematics


For teachers and coaches

Our innovative model is affordable, effective, practical and sustainable

Our Commitment

We believe that people, both teachers, coaches and children, learn by doing.  We provide affordable, effective, hands-on, interactive content to teachers coaches and other educators.  Our mission is to create sustainable improvement in mathematics instructional support, to bring greater school success to all children

What we Offer

  • Support for teachers including classroom activities and information about early math teaching and learning, through easily accessible online training components, with job-embedded assignments, or through workshops and webinars
  • An accompanying workshop in instructional support (optional but recommended)
  • Support for coaches via a certification package that includes a two-day workshop, online interaction, and materials and information specific to coaching teachers in early mathematics

Our Innovative Model

  • We designed a hybrid training model (online content and face-to-face interactions) to provide an affordable and effective alternative to the typical one-day trainings that are known to be ineffective
  • We designed our trainings with teachers’ time in mind.  Most of the work is job-embedded and takes place in the ordinary course of teacher’s work
  • Teachers learn content in short videos and animations and then try the activities in their classroom, allowing them to internalize the important early math teaching concepts in an authentic setting

I am interested in

Learn about what we offer for Pre-K teaching staff:

  • An online training component
  • An (optional) Instructional support workshop

Learn how to support the most effective method for sustained improvement: coaching!

Certify your coaches to work with children in early math instruction

Learn about our innovative online professional development that supports teachers in how to implement Common Core state standards for K-1st mathematics

Learn how we use workshops and webinars to support early mathematics at all levels

What teachers say

This is the most practical pre-k/k training I have ever taken on teaching early childhood math. Love information, games and support! I Plan to immediate begin using the information

I’ve found it helpful in terms of advancing their [teachers’] instruction to the ‘next level’ and coaching them into the kinds of concept development that we want to use.  It’s also been helpful in giving them concrete examples of how to expand quality of feedback.


Our children responded positively! I cannot state that enough. All children want to feel successful when counting or showing the ones they are close to that they can say all of their numbers!

I thought the online [training] was wonderful, I loved having a month to complete activities but a suggestion to complete one section a week.  The videos and activities were clearly laid out and user friendly. They were simply laid out and yet very informative.  I have the activities slides saved and pull them up as a reference when I want to focus on a certain skill as a warm up or close to a lesson.  I am recommending it to my staff.

I absolutely loved today and found it so valuable. I learned more today about math than my entire MA program. Thank you!

Having the EMILI instrument is useful in providing feedback after CLASS observations. It helps to show how teachers can take their instruction to the next level.

I would like to say that the activities are very easy, encouraging, motivating and practical for the different kinds of learners we as teachers find in classes.  It’s helped to become a better teacher

Our results

Since 2009 …

…  we have been developing, testing, refining and providing high quality PD in Early Mathematics to Head Start and K-1st grade teachers.  Our model has been effectively implemented with hundreds of teaching professionals in different roles: some assistants without BAs and some mentors and coordinators with MA degrees.

Our work has been supported by:

More than 90% of teachers complete the online component!
Helpful activities 100%
Clear lessons 96%
Learned early math 96%
Informative workshop 93%

Our Team


Jenny Lerner has a master’s degree in Educational Technology with concentrations in Bilingual Education and Early Childhood. She has more than 30 years experience working for National, Regional, Migrant, and local Head Start programs. She is nationally known for her expertise in English Language Learners, Early Literacy, and Early Mathematics


Jeff Farmer has a Ph.D in mathematics and has done research in mathematics and mathematics education.  He has been providing professional development in mathematics for 25 years, working with teachers at all levels (Pre-K to 16). He is Research Professor of Mathematics at the University of Denver


Alvaro Arias has a PhD in Mathematics and is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Denver. He does research in Pure Mathematics and Mathematics Education. He designs innovative educational software and serves as the coordinator of Kids Play Math


The KPM Team has benefited from the work of many programmers, artists, support staff and collaborators.  They include Roberto Amaya, Ivan Zavala, Kostya Teterin, and Carlos Lara (programmers), Jose Cruz (staff support) and Professor Mario Lopez (collaborator)