Our professional development supports early math educators at all levels


Early Math is the best predictor of school success

Thank you for your interest in Kids Play Math!  We have been developing, testing, refining and providing high quality professional development in Early Mathematics to Head Start and K-1st grade teachers since 2009.  Our model has been effectively implemented with hundreds of teaching professionals in different roles: some assistants without BAs and some mentors and coordinators with MA.

We can customize our program to meet your needs. We combine elements of online support, face-to-face workshops, and webinars to craft a professional development program specifically for you.

Whether your program, district or school is small or large, urban or rural, full of experienced staff or newer educators, we have something for you.

Need new training? Ongoing support for teachers or coaches? Orientation to early math for your new teachers? We will work with you to meet your needs. Contact us today!

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