Kindergarten and 1st Grade teachers and coaches

Kids Play Math Online Component

Numeracy in Kindergarten and 1st grade: Learning Through the Common Core

Our practical, hands-on and job embedded professional development has a lot of activities and ideas that explain and illustrate the most important concepts of Early Mathematics.  The PD is designed to be completed during a time when teachers/assistants are actively teaching children.

The Kids Play Math Difference

Our philosophy can be summed up in one word: Interaction. People, both teachers and children, learn by doing. All our professional development offerings, activities for children and educational software are engaging, practical and hands-on.

Our model uses technology effectively to provide an alternative to the “one-day-and gone” format. We integrate online and face-to-face elements, and encourage participation from coaches and coordinators, supporting sustainable gains. Early Math concepts and research-based activities are introduced in small videos and animations. Teachers then implement and internalize concepts in an authentic setting.

Coaches and trainers’ workshops are also highly interactive. Participants observe and analyze videos of actual classroom teaching and engage in role-play and planning. Everything, start to finish, is designed to be immediately useful to teachers, children and those who support them.

Online Professional Development Description

For Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers, we offer an online professional development in Early Mathematics focused on numeracy.  The PD has four sections that cover: Counting and cardinality, base 10 representations, and addition and subtraction.  Short videos (approx 30 minutes per section) explain the main concepts of early math teaching and learning and classroom-ready tools that effectively and easily integrate math into your classroom.  Most of the activities are job embedded, designed to be completed in the regular school day.  We support your learning with many resources, including unlimited access to our Kids Play Math bilingual educational software for children.

COST: $275 per participant

What you receive

  • A practical look at the Common Core for K and 1st grade
  • Job-embedded assignments consistent with any standards-based curriculum
  • Short videos with the most important facts about early math learning
  • Videos and animations of classroom activities that you can use immediately
  • Discussion forums for peer-to- peer learning and sharing activities
  • Suggestions for assessing children’s early math progress
  • All of the suggested assignments are for your classroom!

Take it if

  • You are teaching staff (teacher, assistant, mentor, coach, coordinator)
  • You want more engaging research-based math activities to integrate in your classroom
  • You want to learn more about intervention or dual language support in math
  • You like being able to apply what you learn immediately to your classroom
  • You want to understand how to apply the standards (e.g.,, Common Core) in a practical way
  • You use a curriculum that is based on standards

What Teachers Say

The greatest thing I notice is that my students’ understanding of number sense has greatly increased.  Students who I knew last year that could hardly identify numbers 1-5 are now adding and subtracting and knowing how to count on and back and what one more and one less means.  They also are starting to understand number families and the relationship members have with each other.”

Taking the [professional development] allowed me to gain insights, strategies, methodologies, and approaches to math that I never used before.  This [PD] was for me a school that taught me math teaching on the kindergarten and first grade levels.

I love having these activities as warm-ups or quick reviews or part of math rotations for them to practice their number sense.  I feel like now as we get into more difficult concepts they are equipped with great number sense and tackle the harder problems.  I has helped supplement our curriculum to fill in gaps.

My students have loved the games and activities.  They often ask to play them.  As we play they laugh and are all engaged.  It’s great to see the students who are lower and not as engaged in lessons to be participating and eager to come up with answers.

Engaging Educational Software

With the online professional development you have access to the engaging Kids Play Math educational software that helps children internalize and discover some of the most important Early Math concepts