Head Start and Preschool teaching staff

Kids Play Math Online Component

Improving Concept Development Using Early Mathematics

Our popular practical, hands-on training, with lots of activities and ideas, designed to be completed during a time when teachers/assistants are actively teaching children.

Instructional Support Workshop

EMILI Training

In this interactive workshop, participants who are taking the online component learn to use the EMILI (Early Mathematics Instruction and Learning Instrument) to help them improve concept development, quality of feedback, use of mathematical language and creating the mathematical environment.

The Kids Play Math Difference

Our philosophy can be summed up in one word: Interaction. People, both teachers and children, learn by doing. All our professional development offerings, activities for children and educational software are engaging, practical and hands-on.

Our model uses technology effectively to provide an alternative to the “one-day-and gone” format. We integrate online and face-to-face elements, and encourage participation from coaches and coordinators, supporting sustainable gains. Early Math concepts and research-based activities are introduced in small videos and animations. Teachers then implement and internalize concepts in an authentic setting.

Coaches and trainers’ workshops are also highly interactive. Participants observe and analyze videos of actual classroom teaching and engage in role-play and planning. Everything, start to finish, is designed to be immediately useful to teachers, children and those who support them.

The Results

More than 90% of teachers complete the online component!
Helpful activities 100%
Clear lessons 96%
Learned early math 96%
Informative workshop 93%

Online Component Description

The Kids Play Math online training component provides you with classroom-ready tools that effectively and easily integrate early math learning into your preschool classroom. The approach is simple.  The online training has four sections that cover: the learning trajectory of counting, representation of numbers, addition and subtraction, and geometry. Short videos (approx 30 minutes per section) explain the main concepts of early math teaching and learning and classroom-ready tools that effectively and easily integrate math into your classroom. Most of the activities are job embedded, designed to be completed in the regular school day. We support your learning with many resources, including unlimited access to our Kids Play Math bilingual educational software for children.

COST: $275 per participant

What you receive

  • Short videos with the most important facts about early math learning
  • Videos and animations of classroom activities that you can use immediately
  • Discussion forums for peer-to- peer learning and sharing activities
  • All of the suggested assignments are for your classroom!
  • A portfolio of your work—receive copies of all handouts plus your discussion posts

Take This Training if

  • You are teaching staff (teacher, assistant, mentor, coach, coordinator or home provider)
  • You want more fun math activities to integrate into your daily routine
  • You want to enhance instructional support in math
  • You like being able to apply what you learn immediately to your classroom
  • You want to know more about developmentally appropriate and individualized math instruction
  • You use a curriculum that is based on standards

What Teachers Say

I would like to say this [training] has been very informative for me as well as very helpful for me to teach math into my curriculum, the children got great joy out of learning new games, and counting the things they play with on a day-to-day basis. I would love to see this program someday be incorporated into regular Head Start as well….I LOVED the new math learning experience. I can say I think I was more excited than the children. Lol!!!

I felt [this workshop] was very effective in requiring teachers to think about improving concept development and instructional support for math skills in their classrooms. The online [training] was very easy to use and self explanatory.

Yo voy a cambiar la manera de planear mis actividades en todas las areas, sobretodo en Math. Ahora voy a tratar de extender un misma actividad hasta que los niños tengan el concepto de lo que yo quiero que aprendan bien definido.
[I will change the way I’m planning my activities in all areas, especially in Math. I will now try to extend the same activity until the kids get the concept I want them to learn.]

I observed a teacher individualizing math for the children in her classroom. They were using dice dots during a transition. The first few children rolled one die and counted the dots. When it was a more advanced student’s turn to roll the teacher said, “Let’s use two dice.” The child counted the dots on both dice separately. The teacher asked her to count them all together, which she did with assistance.

I have to say the Early Math Initiative has been a successful project for us. I really like the model that you’ve applied, i.e. teachers learn through videos and online instruction, and apply and practice the learned skills in the classroom, teachers get together, as what I call a learning community, to share ideas and experiences and reflect how they can do better, a coach goes into the classrooms,  does targeted observations and provides reflective feedback, the knowledge and resources is passed on to families to ensure the continuity and family engagement. Now when I have seen the engagement of the teachers and experienced the model myself, I can try it with other initiatives!

Workshop Description

The one-day face-to-face Instructional Support workshop supplements the Kids Play Math Online Component, and it is best offered when a cohort of participants have finished two sections (i.e., they are at least halfway through)

The Workshop

  • Is a day-long face-to-face workshop in early math instructional support
  • Familiarizes you with the Early Mathematics Instruction and Learning Instrument (EMILI)
  • Focuses on categories similar to CLASS categories.
  • Involves numerous discussions with peers.
  • Allows you to showcase how you have been applying the online training in your classroom.
  • Is filled with specific examples and ideas for improving math instruction.

You will Learn

  • What concept development and quality of feedback look like in early math
  • How to use mathematical language and create a mathematical learning environment with your children
  • How to take any math lesson and improve it.
  • Skills in developmentally appropriate instruction and individualization
  • How to further integrate math into all areas of instruction
  • How to analyze your lesson plans to improve early math learning

Two ways to Offer and Pay for the Workshop

BEST WAY (long-term): Send one of your coordinators, mentors or coaches to the EMILI Certification Training.  Then they can offer the Math Instructional Support Workshop to your teachers whenever they take the online component.  Cost:  $1500 plus travel expenses to Denver. Certification is good for two years and can be renewed.

ANOTHER WAY: If you have several teachers taking the online component, you may be able to schedule a Kids Play Math staff member to come to your program and offer the Instructional Support Workshop.  Cost $1500 plus travel expenses to your program, each time a staff member comes.

What is the EMILI Certification Training?

This two-day workshop prepares participants to offer the instructional support workshop, by training them in how to facilitate the workshop.  Participants receive information about early math and school readiness, step-by-step guides to facilitating the workshop, power point presentations to use, and detailed training in supporting teachers as they learn to use the EMILI.